Temperatures are dropping across Australia. It is already pretty chilly with winter arriving fresh at our doorstep. And these cold climates are going to stay for a couple more months. 

Everyone is always concerned about protecting themselves from the cold. But your car also needs proper protection against natural elements. Winter isn’t the best time to get stranded without a vehicle or to get stuck at a roadside. To make sure that your car will run great this winter, you can consider the following winter maintenance tips. 

Get Your Car Serviced If It Is Due

Failing to service your car regularly can be disastrous. When you keep driving a car well beyond its service time, you risk costly breakdowns. Your fuel consumption increases dramatically and your car won’t perform as well. 

Your car should be serviced at least once a year. It is even more ideal to get your car serviced every 6 months if you drive quite often. A healthy benchmark for cars that drive a lot is every 10,000 kilometres. But each car brand is different. Some car brands have longer service intervals of about 15,000 km while others need to be serviced more often. 

Check your logbook to see when your next service is due. If your service is due in winter then it is best to get to work and take your car to Euro Centre Automotive so you can get it properly serviced. 

Check Your Batteries

Car batteries are much more likely to give problems in winter. This is mostly because the amps drawn by the starter are increased. Your batteries are much more likely to go flat in these seasons because a lot more energy is needed for starting up your car. Here is a quick look at the best things you can do to maintain your car battery this winter.

  • You can check the electrolyte water level of your battery. The water should cover the fluid plates in the battery. If the levels are too low then you should top it up with distilled water. Be careful not to overfill or spill on your battery. 
  • Keep the terminals clean by wiping them with a warm water cloth. Remove any acid and build-up you see because these deposits can cause your battery to self-discharge.
    Make sure that your battery is properly secured to your car body.
    Change the battery if it is near its expiry date or if you notice it swelling at its sides.
  • Switch everything off when you park for the night. This includes all lights, the air conditioner, radio, seat warmers, and firelighter.

Check Your Car Tyres

It is important to replace your tires regularly. Your car needs a lot of traction with the road to brake properly or to speed up. Tires that are worn down also slip a lot easier on roads or on frozen water. Your tires should have at least one millimetre of thread left. 

Check Your Lights

In winter, the sun rises later in the morning and sets earlier in the evening. This means a lot more night-time- or dawn and dusk driving for you. Proper lights are very important for driving at night or in foggy weather. You should test your lighting to make sure that they are still in great shape.

Get the Air Conditioning Checked

Winters can get chilly, especially if you are traveling long distances. Check your air conditioning so you can stay warm in your car or so you can keep your windscreen from getting all foggy. 

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