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When it comes to BMW repair, you want certified mechanics that will be able to deliver the best results. Euro Centre Automotive specialise in servicing all sorts of BMW cars in Melbourne, giving you quality servicing at a good price.

We can service your BMW, MINI Cooper and Rolls-Royce, making sure that your vehicle is always ready to perform.

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Melbourne BMW Specialists

Not all cars are made equal – some are much more complex to work on. This is especially the case with newer BMW vehicles, with all the special sensors and smart technology. Even older BMW models are challenging for mechanics who are unfamiliar with German design, using higher quality materials and more meticulous engineering.

Our technicians are all factory-trained and have years of experience working with German vehicles, giving us the expertise to perform your BMW service with ease.

You’ve invested a lot of time and money into your BMW – you want to make sure that you are getting the value you deserve. Rest assured that you will get the best BMW services with us. Our BMW mechanics only use genuine Factory Castrol oil and fluids during our services, source high-quality parts for our repairs, and use the latest in diagnostic technology to pick up any problems with your vehicle.

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    BMW Car Service Melbourne

    Affordable BMW Car Service

    Getting the high standard of service your BMW requires shouldn’t cost you a fortune. Our vehicle experts aim to keep your vehicle at peak performance without breaking the bank.

    With BMW vehicles requiring regular servicing to keep in top shape – and being some of the most expensive to maintain over their lifespan – you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the best deal. Our mission at Euro Centre Automotive is to provide you with dealership-level servicing and parts at a much more reasonable cost.

    If your vehicle is in need of servicing or repair, make sure you come to our Melbourne BMW mechanic.

    Can I Get My BMW Serviced Anywhere?

    While many people in Melbourne believe that you must take your BMW car back to the dealership to get serviced, this is not the case. In fact, as long as genuine parts and qualified staff are involved, you can do your BMW car service at any mechanic you like without voiding your new car warranty.

    One exception to this is when you purchase an extended warranty for your vehicle, as some plans may specify where you get your repairs and servicing done (usually at the dealership). Check the details of your agreement – if no mechanic is specified, you should be able to go with any BMW service centre.

    That said, while you can take your BMW or MINI Cooper to any mechanic in Melbourne, you really should seek out a BMW specialist. This doesn’t have to be a dedicated German service shop, but before handing over the keys you’ll want to make sure that your mechanic has the experience and skills necessary to work on a BMW.

    With years of experience working with high-end European vehicles, we can provide assistance with your BMW and ensure that it is up and running as good as new.

    Want to work with an experienced BMW mechanic in Melbourne? Call 03 9310 3014 to book a service with us today!


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    We offer European Car Specialists in Melbourne, including BMW/MINI, Mercedes benz service melbourne, Volkswagen and Audi. Balancing performance and price, you will get the best repairs and maintenance with us.

    For high-quality BMW repairs or to find out more about our services, talk to our mechanics at 03 9310 3014.