Going on a long trip during the holiday season sure can be fun. It is great to go on a scenic drive and explore the different ways in which other cities or towns celebrate the festive season. Christmas and New Year’s time is, however, one of the most dangerous times of the year to travel. This is the time of the year when road accidents or breakdowns tend to increase dramatically which means you need to be extra cautious if you are planning a trip.

One of the very best ways to stay safe during the festive season is by properly preparing your vehicle for the trip. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to prepare your vehicle for a long drive during the festive season.

Do a Safety Check

It is important to always do a 12-point safety check on your car before every long journey. This type of safety check is designed to help you inspect all of the areas in your car that are most likely to present a problem. Here is a quick look at what you should be checking or inspecting before every long drive.

  • Check the engine oil levels and condition
  • Check your tire thread for excess wear and tear
  • Test and restore the tire pressure levels
  • Check and top up your coolant
  • Fill up the windshield washer tank
  • Inspect your windshield wipers
  • Check the transmission fluids
  • Test and inspect all lights and turn signals
  • Visually inspect the battery
  • Check the power steering fluid levels
  • Check your brake fluid levels
  • Test your brakes

Get The Air Conditioner Serviced

The last thing you want during the festive season is to be stuck in a car without any air conditioning. Your car cabin will get very hot and will force you to open up your windows while driving. This won’t cool you down much and will let all the dust, pollen, and debris into your car which could make your interior look dirty and messy.

If you keep driving without an air conditioner, you will feel sweaty, exhausted, and wind-swapped by the time you arrive at your destination.

It is much better to get your air conditioner serviced. During these services, the filters are replaced or cleaned, and the refrigerant will be topped up. Once serviced, your air conditioner will perform much better and you will be able to enjoy a much more comfortable drive.

Get Your Car Serviced if it is Due

If your European vehicle is due for a service then it is best to get this important maintenance task over and done with before your trip. If you postpone, you will run a much greater risk of damaging the engine and your car won’t be as fuel efficient or comfortable to drive.

Get a Diagnostic Scan Done

If something about your car seems strange then it might be best to get a diagnostic scan done before your trip. These digital scans will instantly pick up on any issues or damages that your car might have and will enable you to get any problems sorted out so you can prevent nasty breakdowns in unknown territories.

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