European Centre Automotive

Pre Purchase Inspections

This is where Euro Centre Automotive Exclusive Pre-Purchase Inspections are perfect for you. Buying a car is a major investment, so it is normal to be cautious and check to see if your new dream car has any issues. Our specialist pre-purchase inspection does just that. We inspect your prospective vehicle from top to bottom, inside and out. We check the engine bay, a full diagnostic data scan to insure there are no faults in electrical management system wheels, tyres, brakes, suspension and exhaust. We check the air conditioning and all the dials, knobs and lights.
Not only this we look for important signs such as:

  • Poor or No Service History

  • Accident Repair

  • Bad or incomplete repairs

  • Any cover ups mechanical, body, interior or otherwise

  • We will check that any previous repairs have been repaired properly

  • We can give you our expert opinion and can advise you witch items may need to be replaced.