Mercedes-Benz is one of the most brilliant vehicle brands in the world. They have a reputation for manufacturing some of the most elegant vehicles with which very few other brands can compete. These cars are known for their class, durability, and superior performance. But a Mercedes can only perform well if it is properly maintained.

Even the best of cars will break down or perform poorly if it is not maintained properly. These cars are very complicated machines that are driven by a huge variety of tiny components that all need to function seamlessly. Modern Mercedes brands are especially complex because they contain so many computerised parts to enhance performance and increase your comfort while driving. 

The days where you could simply head over to a back-yard-mechanic for a quick-fix are long gone. It is vital to get your luxury vehicle serviced by experts who know what they are doing and who have the needed tools for checking and servicing all of those complex parts of your car.

So, when exactly is it time to get your car serviced? If you are not sure then the following signs can guide you.

When You Reach a Certain Driving Distance or Every Year

The best way to ensure that your car stays in great shape is by servicing it at the right time. Most Mercedes Benz vehicles need to be serviced once every 15,000 to 25,000 kilometres. But if a year passes and your car still didn’t reach this driving distance then you should also take it for a service. 

These services are not just good for keeping your car in good condition; they also ensure that your car maintains a high market value. Every time a car is serviced, its logbook is filled out and a record is kept of every part that was replaced. Vehicles with a good service record always sell at better prices than those that were not properly maintained.

There are, of course, certain factors that can affect your service date. Premature wear and tear, bad driving techniques, and rough roads might put more strain on the vehicle in which case the car might need service sooner than expected. Here is a quick look at some of the signs that you should get your car serviced even if it might not have reached the recommended distance.

Warning Lights

All that modern tech that goes into these vehicles reduces your risk of getting engine damage or other mechanical damages because the vehicle sends out warnings to inform the driver that something isn’t right. If you ignore warning lights on the dashboard then some small issue can easily turn into a huge catastrophe. You should never ignore any warning lights that go on your cluster. 

Take your car in for repairs even if you do believe that there might not be much wrong at all.

Engine Noises

One of the trademarks of Mercedes Benz vehicles is their silence. These vehicles are extremely silent when they are driven. If you do hear strange noises coming from your engine or even from other parts of the car such as your wheels then you should take your car in for a service or repair. It could mean that something small is broken or loose and needs fixing before the engine sustains damages.

Exhaust Fumes

Mercedes Benz vehicles are quite eco-friendly. They are designed to extrude as little exhaust fumes as possible to reduce environmental damage. If your car does extrude lots of exhaust fumes, or if you smell particularly foul fumes coming from your car, then it is time to get the vehicle serviced. 

Visible fuel often means that the oil is old or that there could be some other issues.

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